Photography Business Coaching

This isn’t “do what I do” style mentoring. This isn’t a script, or a predetermined plan. I’m not following my manual or guidebook to help you run your business.

The world doesn’t need more of me.

What the world needs
is a better version of you.

Photography Business Coaching has the potential to transform your life. A coach can see what you can’t – you’re deep amongst the trees, a coach is outside the forest.

We currently offer 3 different coaching services depending on your needs:

Wedding Critique

A full wedding gallery critiqued on video


full wedding gallery critique

send through URL to full wedding gallery, as delivered to your clients

video delivered securely and private

expected video length: 60-90mins

Ongoing Coaching

Regular one-on-one coaching sessions

$400 per month

ongoing coaching sessions

fortnightly skype calls

targeting specific areas of your business

overcoming obstacles, working through efficiencies

helping you transform your sales, your workflow, your photography, even your marketing

(…although we’ve got an online course for that!)

more details here

Business Overhaul

Complete assessment of your business

$5,500 NZ only

including travel costs

spend a full day looking over your business

full report of suggestions and improvements

workflow efficiencies

client communications

website and portfolio review

productivity enhancements

pricing structure and help

includes complimentary access to our 12 week marketing course

more details here

Ongoing Coaching application
(if applicable)
Business Overhaul inquiry
(if not your personal name)
(what do you want to overcome first?)
(what do you think doesn't need change?)