We all know hardly anyone makes a phonecall these days. You’ll also understand the hesitation prospects have in completing your contact form, or sending you an email. These create friction, and lead to people not contacting you.

You might have noticed an increase in messaging via Facebook, or other social media platforms – essentially less formal communication methods.

“Messaging is the modern communications channel of choice – and you need to be where your customers are.”

Let’s remove these hurdles.

Live Chat

Let’s incorporate a Live Chat into our website. You can achieve faster responses, and customers prefer live chat over the formality of emails.

There are a number of solutions – most of these are enterprise-level solutions for larger businesses, most have far more functionality than we need, and many have pricing plans that require financial commitments:

That list is intense. If you want a slightly more sensible list, G2Crowd has a crowdsourced list that positions Intercom, Hubspot, and Drift near the top, and I have a personal fondness for Drift, so have used this for the example below:


My preferred Live Chat solution is Drift – a conversational marketing platform that does so much more, but the beautiful thing is:

  • their FREE plan includes the Chat functionality;
  • they have iOS/Android apps so you’re available away from your workstation;
  • and it’s so unbelievably easy to setup.

Just perfect for what we’re after!

(Sure, there’s a lot of functionality you’re missing on the FREE plan – Drift offers much more – but we’re just wanting a simple solution for now.)

Sign up for a Drift account: https://www.drift.com/

Setup your site’s welcome message

Keep it simple, but on-brand to start with.

I like the idea of letting people know you’re available to answer questions informally, removing the hurdle of contact forms.

“Avoid a phonecall or email – we’ll answer any questions quickly here.”

“Any questions about availability or pricing – we’ll quickly answer them here.”

“I’m sitting here editing and would love to chat to a real human.”

(At least you’re being honest!)

Install Drift for WordPress

Drift is super easy to install for WordPress users:

  • Search and install the Drift plugin
  • Copy & paste your Javascript code into the Drift settings
  • Ta Da!

Install Drift for Squarespace

Squarespace users need to use Code Injection, a Premium feature available in the current Website Business plan and higher.

From here, it’s also simple: copy & paste the same piece of Javascript code into the Header portion.

5 minutes worth of effort, and you’ve got a Live Chat solution installed on your website. How easy!

Test it works

Visit your website in an Incognito window to see the Live Chat speech bubble and popup. Send yourself a message, understand how your notifications are setup, reply to yourself – see how easy it is to answer your prospect’s questions.

Install the iOS / Android app

My favourite is the iOS/Android app: allowing you to converse with your prospect when you’re not sitting at your workstation.

It’s free, and even easier to setup: install; login; you’re done.


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