Why 12 weeks? Why so long? Can I have it quicker?

Why 12 weeks? Isn’t that really long? Why can’t you deliver the marketing goodness quicker, or give me everything at once?

It’s about forming the HABIT.

I *could* deliver all the information – all 12 modules, all 80+ lessons – in one big dump. You’d glance at it, you’d read a couple of things, you might do something, but you know you’d probably rarely come back, you’d probably rarely revisit it.

We’ve all got Creative Live videos we haven’t watched. We’ve all got toolkits we haven’t used. We’ve all got books we haven’t read.

We know a habit isn’t formed quickly: it takes routine. 21 days. 2 months. 66 days. The science is all over the place (https://jamesclear.com/new-habit) but we know it isn’t formed overnight.

The 12 weeks is *my* attempt to help you create the marketing routine – work on your marketing over 12 weeks, and hopefully continue once the 12 weeks are over.

Here’s a quick video: