Productivity: the real secrets to getting things done

I’ll admit it.

I’m a productivity nerd.

Getting things done. Automation. Systems. I geek out on this stuff. I love it.

My shelves contain books on habits, getting things done, more habits, Lean thinking… you name it, I’ve probably got it. I recently invested $3,800 on another productivity program last month, looking to improve my output. Any improvement, any breakthrough, is worth it.

Time is limited

Time is one of the only true limited resources we have. There is no shortage of education, no lack of ideas, more money can always be found, most things we desire can be found in abundance.

Yet you can’t find – or make – more time.

However, with the value of time being so high, you can learn to protect your time.

Protecting your time

I’ve learned many things, but sitting #1 across the most successful people in the world is the concept of protecting your time.

Time is absolutely irretrievable. Lose time and you will not get it back.

How do I ensure that my time is spent wisely? That I maximise – and protect – my time?

1. Own the next ten minutes

Do you routinely make a habit of owning the next 10 minutes?

2. Batch actions together

Are you constantly jumping between tasks?

3. Define when a task will finish

Do you still manage to deliver by a deadline?

4. Create spaces for productivity

Do you have a dedicated space, routine, tool, and uniform for your tasks?

5. Rest & Recovery

Finally: take a break…

The conflict between productivity and creativity

It’s generally agreed that it’s hard to be creative and productive at the same time – the belief is that Productivity and Creativity don’t sit well together.

Whilst I’m not attempting to dispel this as a myth – I understand and appreciate the conflict between productivity and creativity – I believe they can compliment each other.

I believe that more efficient systems and better productivity can improve your life overall, stop you being pulled in too many directions, and helps free up time to be more creative.

Better Productivity leads to more Creativity. This is how I believe it works.

What about you? How are your systems?