Links: Great Weekly Newsletters

I’m big on seeking outside inspiration.

As Austin Kleon says: “You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life.”


Seth Godin – Seth’s Blog (daily)


Austin Kleon – 10 things worth sharing
Creative Mornings – weekly breakfast lecture weekly highlights
Jocelyn K. Glei – more creativity and meaning in your daily work

Cool Things

The DO Lectures – The DO Newsletter is here to inspire you
Weekend Reading – code, design, technology, and people
Cool Tools – books, gadgets, software, hardware – tried and true

Other Cool Things

These websites don’t have a weekly email (but they should), however their websites are still worth visiting and bookmarking:

Swiss Miss – a design blog that’s just inspiring and awesome
Jason Kottke – art, technology, science, visual culture, design, music, cities, food, architecture, sports, and endless nonsense