Join James Day on his journey to change and overhaul his wedding photography digital marketing with creative business coach Jason Naylor from UNFOLD

What’s this Co.Lab
thing all about?

The Co.Lab is a collaborative learning programme, jointly led by James Day and Jason Naylor.

Co.Lab /kəˈlab/ n. a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, and practice, in the field of digital marketing with your company

You are going to join us as we completely overhaul the digital marketing of James Day’s online presence:

  • improve his blogging and storytelling across his website
  • rank higher on Google
  • strengthen his website brand to align with his social media
  • leverage his email list to gain access to the inboxes of his followers
  • … and so much more…

Join James Day as he learns in public, and apply the same learnings to your own digital marketing

The best part?

This isn’t a webinar, this isn’t a bunch of stories.

You get to participate with us, as we do it live right in front of you!

Co-learning with both James and Jason, bringing the best mixture of emotion, empathy, & strategy.

Each week builds, step by step, on the previous learnings.

And then you take the learnings and tools, and make the same improvements to your own website!

“I don’t know how to change this.
But I know someone who does.

This recent pandemic has poked some holes in my business:

  • I’m not first page on Google, and I’m not even close
  • I don’t have clear branding across all my digital touchpoints
  • I’d like more relationships with more venues and vendors
  • I don’t blog or write website articles very often at all
  • I don’t use email marketing effectively to reach possible clients

All of this was always important. This situation has poked holes in our web presence.

Let’s change that. Together.

Once in a lifetime

We’re only running this program once.

This is a discovery and implementation program, and once we have made the changes to James’ marketing footprint, we can’t do it again.

He’ll be on Google, he’ll have better relationships, and his enquiry inbox will be filling up.

We’re so confident in our offerings that we cannot run this specific program with James ever again.

What we’re going to cover


The elusive first page of Google, long tail keywords, site performance, and all the geekery goodness!


How James brings in $100,000+ a year from a single venue, and how to capitalise and multiply that

Getting Featured

The best wedding blogs to get featured on, leveraging brands for referrals and the SEO benefits

Email Marketing

Spam. Or actually not spam, but email goodness that your clients love and won’t unsubscribe from

Content Marketing

How to research and find ideas for articles that your clients are crying out to read and learn from

… and more!

This only scratches the surface of the goodness we’re going to bring to James Day’s website. And, if you join us, yours too!

How does this work?

What is the format?

Weekly calls held on Monday (Australia time) via Zoom

  • The programme will run for 10 consecutive weeks
  • Each week will build on top of the previous week
  • Everything you learn week, you’ll be able to apply to your website
  • Calls are limited to 1 hour each – we respect your time
  • Participants are restricted in numbers to ensure we can field questions and provide personalised recommendations

When is it happening?

The Co.Lab programme will commence on Monday 13 July 2020, and run for 10 consecutive weeks.

You’ll be welcome to join us LIVE for these Zoom calls (which will occur during Australian working hours), but the programme will be recorded and provided a day later for those that can’t make the weekly appointments.

Further support will be provided to all collaborators via a private group and one-on-one emails.

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • you’d like your brand to reach more of the ideal clients
  • you’d like more enquiries, and more booked weddings
  • you’d like the security of a brand that is being found online, repeatedly, day after day

This is also for you if:

  • you’re not 1st page on Google
  • you don’t know your alt tags from your https
  • you’re not blogging regularly (or have simply never blogged)
  • you simply never know what to write for your posts
  • you don’t have an email list
  • you want a more badass and unique brand
  • you’re simply not being found by your ideal clients

Our goal for James, and you:

more enquiries, more bookings, more weddings, more money

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn from a geeky online strategist as we rebuild the digital marketing of one of the world’s leading wedding photographers
  • Watch as we overhaul James’ digital marketing, and provide you the suggestions and tools to improve yours
  • Be inspired each week to then implement our suggestions on your own digital marketing
  • Come back next week having implemented some of our suggestions
  • Weekly homework worksheets, questions, pointers, and thoughts to help you unlock the digital marketing your brand needs