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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

This might be the greatest wedding photography marketing toolkit that exists in the world, but we know you’ve got a few questions before you commit.

Why 12 weeks?


No one really knows how long it takes for a habit to form, but it’s longer than 1 day.

Go ahead and watch a Creative Live video, or read a Marketing book, and sure – you’ll gain some knowledge.

But knowledge alone does not make you successful.

Life rewards action, and ritualizing the action – forming the habit – creates success.

My goal was 9 weeks – 2 months – but I’ve uncovered too much marketing gold to squeeze into 2 months, so it’s become a little bit longer, so you get all the good stuff.

12 weeks. There you have it.

Are there videos?

If you really want video tutorials and lessons, I know a great resource. 🙂

In all seriousness, no: currently, all modules and lessons are written, supplemented with images, screenshots, and the occasional small video.

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How does this course make me more money and get my brand in front of more people?

The answer is: IT doesn’t. YOU do. But you don’t have to wing it without guidance anymore.

Are you doing the marketing for me?

Countless books, articles, videos, tutorials, blogs, and real world examples have all been digested and rewritten to be as concise and helpful as possible… But you’re not given the answers…

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein

You still need to answer the questions, do you own brainstorming, and do the work yourself.

Is this a "spend money to make money" kind of course?

Great question, and the answer is absolutely not.

In fact, the only module that encourages $$$ is Week #09 – Advertising, which you can’t do without money.

But, this course does require – and encourage – time.

This course encourages a time commitment.

Am I being tested? Are there right or wrong answers?

No and No. Your course results are not graded, they’re not scrutinized, and they’re not published anywhere else.

They’re saved for one year for your own reference, but no one else will ever see them.

By enrolling and completing this course, you’re holding yourself accountable to yourself.

Can I just do 1 week? can I have access to 1 module only?

These weekly modules work in unison.

Individually they’re interesting. Insightful. Perhaps slightly useful.

But importantly, they feed off each other. Week 1 and 2 work in unison – one without the other would be useless. Week 7 and 8 are part of the same content. Week 12 only works when all other weeks are working.

The real power comes when all 12 modules are implemented and working together.

This course is intentionally 12 weeks – to help build a regular marketing habit.

Are you ready to commit to 12 weeks of marketing?

But I really, really just want your social media modules

There could be future courses focusing on individual topics – contact me

Can I complete this course any faster?

This course is intentionally 12 weeks, to help you build the marketing habit.

It currently can not be completed any quicker.

How long does each module / lesson / action take?

This varies from week to week and lesson to lesson – the course is purposely built to flow from easy (emails) to harder (SEO), then has a lull (getting published), then ramps up (social media) and ends with a complete bang (clients).

Every week, every module, every lesson, is different.

Have a look at the course outline for a rough idea of how long to expect to spend.

What if I can't finish in a week / don't have time this week?

Your module is always available – come back to it later.

The next module will be released next week as scheduled, but once you’ve got access, you’ve always got access. Go back. Go forward. Complete in your own time.

What if all of my competitors do the same course?

Well, you wouldn’t want to be left behind, would you? 🙂

Seriously, this course doesn’t tell you what to do – it gives you ideas, and forces you to brainstorm and think on your own. Your personal values and your own creativity will shape your own output from this marketing toolkit – no two people will ever achieve the same results.

But what if I'm too busy to spend 2-3 hours each week doing this marketing?

Then you’re probably shooting enough weddings and don’t need the marketing help, right? 🙂

What has gone into this course?

4 months of building
7 months of researching
9 years of wedding photography
a lifetime of experience

Who are you?

Read about us here

What time are the Zoom calls?

Monday 10:00am (Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time)

Don’t forget that all sessions are recorded and available in your own online portal, so you can watch in your own time.

What other support is there?

I’m essentially making myself fully available for all collaborators during this 10 week programme.

Whilst I don’t want to do the work for you, I’ll be available for one-on-one coaching, ideas, and feedback.

Pretty sweet huh!