This is the part where you truly commit - not to me, but to yourself

This course is going to ask you to commit to things.

This course is going to ask you to think in ways that might be outside of your comfort zone.

This course is going to suggest you do some hard work.

Sometimes the tough things – the things we don’t want to do – are necessary.

To grow, you have to embrace the discomfort of being uncomfortable

Are you prepared to get uncomfortable - to try the tough things?

This course is going to ask you some personal business questions.

Your privacy is 100% secure.

Are you prepared to be open and honest with yourself?

These weekly modules work in unison.

Importantly, they feed off each other. Week 1 and 2 work in unison – one without the other would be useless. Week 7 and 8 are part of the same content. Week 12 only works when all other weeks are working.

This course is intentionally 12 weeks – to help build a regular marketing habit.

Are you ready to commit to 12 weeks of marketing?

This course isn’t a silver bullet.

This course isn’t going to be like flicking a switch.

This course isn’t going to be like turning on the inquiry tap overnight.

We believe that if you complete this course and do the work, that your inquiries will increase, but you still need to DO the work.

By getting this far, you’ve proven you’re willing to do the work – that’s why you’re here.

Are you prepared to do the work?