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Marketing Mastery

The online coaching course for wedding photographers

As of June 2020, enrollments have been closed while we focus on The Co.Lab with James Day – for more information on this amazing programme, please check out The Co.Lab

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Over 200+ questions, prompts, tasks & action points.

The occasional photo posted on social media isn’t a marketing strategy… this online course will change that.


the modules

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Word of Mouth
  • Vendor Referrals
  • Getting Blog Features
  • Writing Compelling Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • and more!

“This course is amazing. I’m learning SO much, gaining confidence and actually enjoying this side of my business now! Thank you 🙂 “

Caroline Atkinson

ready to energize your marketing?

Full access to all 12 weekly modules

special offer

through this time of global crisis and lockdown, use coupon code “TOGETHER” to get 25% off

who is this course for?

This course is perfect for the wedding photographer that wants to book more weddings.

Whether you’re currently shooting 5 weddings, 15 weddings, or 25 weddings, this marketing course will push your photography to more prospects and clients, keeping your brand top of mind and ultimately – booking you more weddings!

“This thing is amazing. You’ve done a ****** of work here. I can hardly get my head around how extremely big this is. It’s insanely good value.”

Jase Blair
Photographer, Drone operator, adventurer
how does it work?

Enroll online now. Every week – for 12 weeks – you’re granted access to another module. Each module contains 5-8 lessons, with 3-5 actionable tasks, to be completed in your own time during that week (see demo video here).

Then you’ll wait excitedly until next week’s module is open! This could change your wedding photography marketing forever.

can I complete this any faster?

This course is intentionally built to take 12 weeks, to not only give you time to absorb the vast amount of knowledge, but to help you build the marketing habit.  Real success comes from routine.



We’ll help with the transfer of knowledge – the learning



By answering questions, you’re holding yourself accountable


Take Action

Life rewards action – success comes from moving forward



The 12 weeks of this course will help build the marketing habit

what if I’m not a wedding photographer but I want to improve my marketing?

The overall principles and strategies in this course could apply to any photography business – however, the information and tactics are 100% specific to wedding photographers. As a portrait, newborn, landscape, or commercial photographer, there would still be huge value in the underlying strategies – contact us to discuss further.

wedding photography coaching from someone who’s been there

…from 0 > 50 weddings in just over 2 years, photographing 29 weddings in my last year – read more about my story here

NZ’s most awarded Fearless Photographer

NZ’s most awarded Fearless Photographer

Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Engagement Photos 2015

Junebug Weddings BotB Engagement Photos 2015

Top 150 International Wedding Photographers

Top 150 International Wedding Photographers 2016

NZIPP Grand Master of Photography

NZIPP Grand Master of Photography
(1 of only 15 in NZ)


“FAAAAARR out man. So much gold in here and I’m only on Module #02… Now I have a reason to use all those images on my hard drives!”

Dan Childs
Photographer, Photoboother, Adventurer

ready to energize your marketing?

Full access to all 12 weekly modules

special offer

through this time of global crisis and lockdown, use coupon code “TOGETHER” to get 25% off

NZD $450


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